Lack of inspiration

I had all plans to blog about my studio gear tonight, particularly to share info of what to buy when buying chinarific studio gear.

I got a really awesome deal with mine and I was going to share some tips.

But I got home this afternoon and couldn’t be bothered.

I baked another loaf of bread too, this time with a new brand of flower I hadn’t used before. Instagram photo to follow.

This Sabbath I was pondering sharing of the investigative judgment and the cleansing of the sanctuary for prelims at church. I’ll have to get down and prepare something to share.

The Sabbath School lesson i recorded for the online church was uploaded today. I haven’t watched it and probably won’t, I hate watching myself on film. Photos I can Handel, but video…. I enjoyed the lesson very much so hopefully that came through in my presentation.

Anyhow that’s all for now.


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