1888 Message and Faith

The knowledge of what the Scripture means when urging upon us the necessity of cultivating faith, is more essential than any other knowledge that can be acquired.{RH, October 18, 1898 par. 7}

Lessons on Faith is a collection of Studies and sermons by A.T.Jones and E.J.Waggoner that was compiled in 1977 from content preached and published from the 1890’s.

Jones and Waggoner distill the content on these topics down to such clear presentations that it can leave no shadow of doubt.

You can get the audio here. http://adventaudio.org/2010/08/26/lessons-on-faith/

You can also get the content here in PDF. http://www.adventpioneerbooks.com/Text/pioneer/ATJONES/LESSONSONFAITH.PDF

Check out both Sites while you’re there. Advent Audio has some excellent content and Tim Turner works hard to get more and more fresh content up on http://www.adventpioneerbooks.com .

I’ve purchased some audio books from him and they are good quality.

Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another


Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another… Mal 3:16

He was highly social, yet He possessed a reserved dignity that did not encourage undue familiarity. His temperance never led to bigotry or austerity…– {ST September 23, 1908 Par. 7}

Undue familiarity doesn’t mean no familiarity, are we not a church family?

Are we not brothers and sisters in Christ?

Jesus reproved self-indulgence in all its forms, yet He was social in His nature. He accepted the hospitality of all classes, visiting the homes of the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant, and seeking to elevate their thoughts from questions of commonplace life to those things that are spiritual and eternal. He gave no license to dissipation, and no shadow of worldly levity marred His conduct; yet He found pleasure in scenes of innocent happiness… {AH 503.2}


God does not mean that any of us should become hermits or monks and retire from the world in order to devote ourselves to acts of worship. The life must be like Christ’s life—between the mountain and the multitude. … When men take themselves out of social life, away from the sphere of Christian duty and cross bearing; when they cease to work earnestly for the Master, who worked earnestly for them, they lose the subject matter of prayer and have no incentive to devotion. Their prayers become personal and selfish. They cannot pray in regard to the wants of humanity or the upbuilding of Christ’s kingdom, pleading for strength wherewith to work. – {SC 101.1}
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Sinful Flesh – A.T Jones

I’ve been really enjoying studying through “Lessons on Faith” of late. This small gem is the latest beauty I’ve unearthed.

There is a serious and very bothersome mistake which is made by many persons.
That mistake is made in thinking that when they are converted their old sinful flesh is blotted out.
In other words, they make the mistake of thinking that they are to be delivered form the flesh by having it taken away from them altogether.
Then when they find that this is not so, when they find that the same old flesh, with its inclinations, its besetments, and its enticements is still there, they are not prepared for it and so become discouraged and are ready to think that they never were converted at all.
And yet, if they would think a little, they ought to be able to see that that is all a mistake. Did you not have exactly the same body after you were converted that you had before? Was not that body composed of exactly the same material–the same flesh and bones and blood–after you were converted as that of which it was composed before? To these questions everybody will promptly say Yes. And plainly that is the truth.
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