Test Photos from the 18-135IS STM in the Studio with Tia

So I finally got around to shooting a bit in the studio to give the new Canon 18-135IS STM a run for it’s money. It’s much better than the old Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 I was using. I still however think the Sony 18-135mm on the A65 has the leggs on it, at least under brightly lit conditions.

I’ve got a chinarific lens hood on the way for the Canon lens, $2 Besta quality.

So here is a test shot of…you guessed it, my cat Miss Tia.


Canon Lens on 60D Sharpness Tests.

I’ve been playing with my Sony A65V a little in the studio of late and I have been more than pleased with the results. I’ve got the Sony 18-135 that comes with the premium kit but I have also shot a little on the Sony 35mm F1.8.

The Results have been simply stunning.
I have still got my Canon 60D workhorse and I wanted to see how it fared up.

I shot a few shots of…you guessed it, my Cat in the studio this evening.

Pulling it into Lightroom and pixel peeping, I don’t think it’s quite there, at least not with the current Glass I have.
The 50mm F1.8 came closest to the Sony results. My Sigma 17-70mm wasn’t much chop.
I’ve got a Canon 18-135STM put aside at work for when my new iPad Mini arrives. Ill be interested to see how it goes.
Photozone.de seem to think the lens fairs well compared to the Sigma 17-70.

Miss Tia