Home Studio

So I though I’d give a quick rundown on my studio strobes this evening.

When it comes to setting up a home studio for Photography it can get quite expensive. But if you shop around and do your research you can save quite a bit of coin. I purchased my gear late last year, and it works quite well considering. I have 3 strobes, with 2 umbrella/boxes (Kinda work like an octabox but they are a umbrella setup with a diffuser over the front.) and 3 Soft boxes. There was a bunch of other stuff that came with the kit but I haven’t really used it as yet. The strobes are about 180w, and from what I can gather doing tests with my fuji x100, the flash duration is about 1/800sec. They have a guide number of 36 apparently, but this is chinarific ebay stuff so who knows.

Studio Strobe

Either way they fire in slave mode off any other flash triggered. They also have a sync connector. step-less power control and modeling light.

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New Canon DSLR’s 100D and 700D and Sony A65V Feedback.

Mixed thoughts on the new gear. They have are still using an 18 megapixel sensor. They have beefed up the Movie modes on both and giving Audio inputs and outputs apparently. That’s all well and good but they still have a 22min cut off on the video even if they can shoot full HD. I’d be interested to see if they can do the file splitting cause I know my 60D cuts off at 4gb or about 13min presently, and it’s frankly annoying.

On another camera related subject, I got a response from Sony as I submitted some feedback on my A65V that I own, requesting for a firmware update to enable manual audio levels and the ability to turn off Auto Gain Control, plus 24P HD video rather than just the 25p and 50p it currently has.

They say they have passed on the feedback. Any other A65V owners out there, spam them with the same request.

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing these new Canon DSLR’s when they land.